Where is Always Right Now?

Live Tracking

SPECIAL NOTE July `24:  Starlink service required for the updates to the map below is being blocked within Tonga.  If the map does not have a current update, that is why.  Use the backup map option linked below for position updates through Garmin.

This map is updated with the latest tracks available for the boat using an Iridium GO! satellite feed.  When the Iridium is powered on, the page will update about every 20 minutes.  If there's no updates we are probably taking a break on shore or enjoying a day at anchor.  

If you click on the location a pop-up will tell you more including the time the position was reported, our speed, course, and full GPS position.

We may from time to time post little messages that get embedded into the map to give even more details.

The colors on the map indicate wind intensity.  Purple, we are sitting still (or stuck motoring), green to orange we are having fun.  If it's red and we are moving, we are a little busy right now.

I've added a second tracking method for backup.  This was a requirement for the rally group I'm traveling with this winter.  It can be viewed here...