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SV-Always has different people join as crew along her journey.  This page is dedicated to those crew members to share a bit about themselves if they choose.

Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Crew Opportunity

Always is currently crewed by two; Captain Tim, and Ilse.  We prefer to have three as it is a comfortable number on Always for both comfort and safety. To accomplish this we like to bring other people on board to share our experiences as well as watch responsibilities, especially on longer passages.  If you are interested, have flexible time (we don't follow a schedule port to port), are easy going, and know what side of the sailboat should face up, keep reading.

Applicants should have some open water experience, be capable of standing watch on shifts (day and night), have a general understanding of sailing principals, and be willing and able to contribute to all aspects of boat life including cooking, cleaning, light maintenance, etc. Applicants should also have minimal food allergies, be a non-smoker, enjoy the water (good swimmer, snorkeling and/or diving), hiking, exploration, meeting new people, and also OK being isolated from civilization for days/weeks at a time. A US, Canadian, UK, or EU passport that is valid through 2024 is required. The ability to speak French or Spanish is a plus.

Always is captained by a US Coast Guard licensed Captain that is also an American Sailing Association instructor. He has been sailing a variety of boats for over 40 years, and over the last 30 months has logged 21,000 NM on Always. Always is Category A rated vessel and equipped with all necessary safety gear including off-shore life raft, EPRIB, Sat phone, VHF, AIS, Radar, Garmin inReach, and Starlink. Crew will be responsible for their own transportation to/from the boat, VISA fees, on-shore expenses, and will contribute to provisioning items. Always is a dry boat during all voyages and is a drug-free vessel at all times.

Interested parties should email their sailing resume and short introduction message about themselves to [email protected].

Current and Future Crew of Always

Here are the current or soon arriving crew members to join SV-Always.

Tim Sander

Captain / Owner
An avid sailor with a passion for the sea.  Tim holds a USCG 50T Masters license, is an ASA instructor, and retired IT professional who also served his community FD for 17 years as a FF/EMT.

Ilse Up

Ilse hails from Latvia and has crewed on multiple boats over the past 18 months.  During that time she has sailed the waters of the North Sea, Indian Ocean, Atlantic, and now the Caribbean Sea.  She joined Always in Antigua for the trip to Panama.

Marine and Sami

Marine and Sami are a French couple that's hitchhiking and traveling around the world without using any airplanes.  Starting in France in `23, they have crossed the Atlantic by sail, explored US, Canada, and Central America on land.  Then they jumped aboard sailboats again to traverse the Panama Canal, and cross the South Pacific into French Polynesia where they crossed paths with Always.  They boarded Always in Bora Bora for the journey to Tonga with a stop in Niue.

Thank you very much for choosing me to assist you on our journey moving "Always". I can unequivocally state that it was one of the most fascinating and rewarding experiences of my life and it was a pleasure for me to get to know you and learn from you.

Clay Storer

Woof, woof, wooooooof.  Translated, I think that means "Thank you for sharing this experience with me, I'll miss you."


Past Crew

Past Crew members of SV-Always

Thank you to those below for helping out on my journey.


Bella is an 9 yr old Labradoodle, and responsible for security.  Heaven help anyone who tries to steal her Frisbee. 
She was on Always from January - Sept `22 and traveled over 7,000 miles.

Clay Storer

Clay comes from Colorado.  Tired of construction, and with a boat on the east coast he wants to use more, he's using this trip to expand his sailing and trip planning skills.  He also seems to have become our master fisherman. 
Clay was aboard from Feb - May `22 and helped navigate the waters of Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and the US.


Melanie is the replacement for Phil. She is a lover of sailing but is really a cruiser with little sailing experience. She is from GA which is the primary cause of her pronouncing water as “worter.” She is a proud member of the Hudson Beach Yacht Club with her husband Dave.  
Mel was aboard in April-May `22 and helped from Panama to the FL Keys.

Chris Kennedy

Chris boarded Always in Stuart Florida and helped navigate the waters of the ICW and Eastern Seaboard up to Norfolk VA in May `22.  Chris had never really sailed before, but (foolishly) trusted his uncle to make his maiden voyage.  Who knows, maybe it will turn into a new passion or career for him?


Phil traveled the Pacific waters on Always from Puerto Vallarta Mexico to Panama, Feb - May `22.

Brian Moore

I am a retired service member savoring sailing for the simple enjoyment of the sea. With a background in commercial maritime operations and sail racing, I’m working on gaining experience with sail cruising. This spring I completed the requirements for a USCG License and this summer I have completed South Pacific and North Atlantic crossings. 
Brian was aboard for a 1700NM crossing from Norfolk VA to Antigua in November `22

Claude Dejardins

I am Canadian, retired for the past four years. Speak English, French, and Spanish. I´ve been a motor boat owner for more than 20 years. I spend my summers on my yacht in the beautiful Thousand Islands in Ontario. Well travelled, with tons of backpacking experiences. Now wanting to know more about sailing and the seas. In 2022 sailed from Banderas Bay Mexico to Costa Rica. Loved it. Now looking forward to an awesome and fun experience in the Caribbean on Always.
Claude crewed from Oct `22 to Jan `23 including a 1700NM passage from VA to Antigua

Caroline Boulet

Hello, this is me Caroline, I am a French Canadian, retired from the military. I have had the travelling bug for years, have been to many countries, enjoy meeting different people and different cultures. I've recently taken on sailing as a way to expand my travel, and cruised the Pacific coast of Mexico to Costa Rica during the winter of `22.
Caroline crewed from Oct `22 to Jan `23 including a 1700NM passage from VA to Antigua

Jake Hillman

Jake joins us from Vancouver, WA. A veteran and retired from IT, he's looking forward to learning about the live aboard life to see if his own boat is in the future. Joining the boat in Antigua, Jake will sail to Panama and into the South Pacific. This is his first off-shore passage experience.

Jake crewed from Dec `23 to Jun `24 and helped us sail over 5,000NM between Antigua and French Polynesia.