Society Islands, French Polynesia 

Welcome to SV-Always

white sailing boat on body of water

Welcome to the SV Always website

This site is designed to give friends and family of the SV-Always owner and crew more information about the boat and its journey.  Periodic postings may be made to the Blog page as time, boredom, and Internet connectivity allow.  Current location information should be updated regularly when underway on the Where's Always page if technology works as intended.

Always is a cruising boat.  That means she should be moving from place to place on a regular basis and doesn't have a specific port of call that she nests in regularly.  

During the COVID period, Always is most likely to remain located somewhere in the US and Caribbean Sea region.  As things return to a more globally "OPEN" state, her range will expand.

About the Boat

2019 Seawind 1260 Catamaran

The Seawind 1260 is a 12.45 meter (41') catamaran with a 22.6" beam.  It is designed for small crew operation, with the comforts to support multiple guests onboard for the day or longer term.  It draws 3' 8" of water, allowing access to many locations other boats may be unable to reach, and has a 65' mast height clearance making it (mostly) ICW friendly along the US East coast.  With 480 liters of fuel (126 US gallons), 700 liters of water (185 gallons) plus a 14gph water-maker and 1000W of solar, she has long range cruising capabilities.  

This is really my dream boat.  I've  sailed on and investigated many boat makes and models in my quest for a long term cruising vessel.  In my opinion, the 1260 is a great balance between performance, safety and comfort, with the ability to be managed by a single person on watch.   I can't think of a better way to spend the next several years of my early retirement than pursuing my passion for sailing on Always.


For the latest photos, check the Timeline under the BLOG page (scroll down before you click on a Blog entry)

For now, just a few basic photos of the boat.  As we start our first voyage, expect these to be updated (as Internet connectivity allows).